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“I Wish to Have a Concert.”

Angel, Age 18 | Hong Kong

Angel is an 18-year-old young woman from Hong Kong who was diagnosed with stage III Rhabdomyosarcoma. Although she's received different treatments since September 2008, her condition remains unstable. With a drastic change to her health came reconsideration for Angel, to face her condition with positivity, make the most out of every moment in her life and do the things she loves most.

Angel's wish was to have her own concert, because for her 18th birthday, she wanted to give herself, family and friends some unforgettable memories. She also hoped to encourage others, as she says, "To live out the color of her life, even if she should have but one day to live."

Make-A-Wish® Hong Kong successfully hosted "Angel's Wish Concert" at Chiang Chen Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Angel performed 18 songs during the 2 hour show, including her personal favorite, Boundless Sea and Sky, one she had written called Fading Away and finally Wish, which she performed with Prudence, another wish child. Wish was song used to raise funds for the treatment of young cancer patients in China. Angel's brilliant performance was praised by the audience, which included family members, friends, teachers, classmates, guests of the concert and volunteers. Participants shouted, jumped for joy, and encouraged Angel, who worked hard for her dream.

Professor Rosie Young, Chairperson of the Make-A-Wish Hong Kong Executive Committee, attended the concert. She personally encouraged Angel before the show and lauded her talents, as well as her positive attitude. Professor Young's encouragement helped make for a very special wish come true.

During the concert, Angel acknowledged the support of her family and friends, especially her mother, who has given her the last two years of intensive care. She also thanked her friends for their donations of time and ideas for the concert and her wish. The incredible support from the band and the performance and production teams was brilliant and key to the concert's success.

Angel used the song Fading Away as the show's finale, to tell her loved ones about her feelings after discovering her condition and to ask that they please forget her diagnosis gradually. While Angel believed the concert was over after singing Fading Away, one last surprise was yet to come. Volunteers brought out a tray of cupcakes in the shape of the number 18 in celebration of her 18th birthday. The theatre audience sang Happy Birthday and congratulated Angel on her wish come true. The fresh tears in Angel's eyes showed what the day really meant to her, and the true power of a wish!


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